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BorgWarner K04-0015 Turbocharger

BorgWarner K04-0015 Turbocharger

$ 1,099.99

BOLT ON to B5 & B6 A4 1.8t


Great bolt on performance upgrade, can be used with or without specific programming (only on stock ECU without stage 1, etc). 

The K04 is a straight bolt on turbo that can be used for multiple different reasons.  Flows more volume than the standard K03.  Can sustain higher boost pressures than the K03.  Great replacement turbo if your K03 has gone bad.  Can be used without any special programming although specific K04 programming is recommended to extract all potential power from the K04



*Official Policy regarding Borg Warner KKK Turbocharger Warranty Claims*

To be eligible for warranty consideration, Borg Warner has stipulated that KKK turbochargers (or turbocharger kits) must be installed by a professional repair facility.

  • Warranty claims must be accompanied by a receipt from a professional repair facility showing the date and vehicle mileage when the turbocharger was originally installed.

  • An additional receipt from a professional repair facility must accompany the warranty claim indicating:

                1. Date and mileage at which the turbocharger failed

                2. Reasons for turbocharger failure

                3. Proposed repairs intended to correct the cause of the failure (if any).

Borg Warner will, at its discretion and with proper documentation, replace a turbocharger that has failed due to defects in materials and/or original workmanship. All associated labor charges for diagnosis and repair are the responsibility of the vehicle owner.