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IE Fuel Pump Manifold Kit for Dual Surge Tank

IE Fuel Pump Manifold Kit for Dual Surge Tank

$ 89.99

We have designed these fuel distribution manifolds to go along with our dual surge tanks. They make plumbing two Bosch 044 fuel pumps a breeze, while allowing you to retain the check valves in the pumps. Typically when plumbing Bosch pumps, you have to remove the check valves, since they are a bit tricky to adapt fittings to. The check valves are a great idea to keep pressure in the system, so there is no additional priming of the pumps necessary on startup. These are made in-house on our own CNC mill, so you can count on another high quality product.  Available in either -6an or -8an o-ring boss outlets making it easy to tap into your fuel system.

Red anodized finish
-6an or -8an o-ring boss outlet
Includes necessary hardware to install onto pumps
Outlet adapter included, option of -6 an or -8 an male outlet