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Integrated Engineering Billet Surge Tank- Dual Submerged 044 Pump

Integrated Engineering Billet Surge Tank- Dual Submerged 044 Pump

$ 279.99 

Integrated Engineering's innovative dual surge tank design is essential on modified cars requiring higher fuel output, where effective scavenging is a must.  This surge tank works inline with your current fuel system by filling up with fuel from the OEM in tank pump.  The secondary set of large fuel pumps inside the surge tank draws from this reservoir providing a constant flow.  Fuel is only returned to the main tank when the surge tank is 100% full, thus providing a steady supply of fuel.  This surge tank solution far exceeds the engineering in found in traditional surge tanks, solving multiple problems versus mounting the pumps outside a tank.  This surge tank houses two of the  popular and high flow rate Bosch "044" pumps, keeping them submerged over 75% inside the tank.  Using the fuel to submerge the pumps will muffle the noisey pumps, provide cooler pump operating temperatures for longer life, and ensure the pumps will have fuel even on steep turns or accelerations where the OEM pump could experience fuel starvation.  The twin pumps are for high powered vehicles with the ability to power 1200BHP setups.

Innovative submerged pump design
3  -6AN O-Ring Boss fuel ports
Red Anodized pump clamp plate included
Black wrinkle powder coated for durable finish
Pump mounting hardware, O-ring, and assembly lube included
Vibration damping mounts and mounting hardware included

2.3L Capacity
7.25" Long 
6" Wide (8.9" wide from mounting tab ends)
4" Deep