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Snow Performance - Stage 2 1.8T Boost Cooler

Snow Performance - Stage 2 1.8T Boost Cooler

$ 472.45 

Tired of your factory SMIC heat soaking? Want to push your 1.8T without the fear of detonation? Get better IAT reduction and detonation control with this new 1.8T-specific kit. The Digital Variable Control unit proportionally injects more or less water-methanol according to input signals from your factory Mass Air Flow sensor. This offers accurate injection for small, quick spooling turbos. Enjoy more power over a wide range with smooth, seamless delivery.

Kit includes:

• Digital MAF referenced controller
• SHO pump for the most in pressure and volume
• Bulkhead fitting required to tap into factory washer reservoir
• 10 feet of tubing
• 3 nozzles to cover a wide range of horsepower (nozzles #2 #3 and #5)
• All required hardware needed for installation
• 1.8T specific instructions for ease of installation
• 3qt reservoir with low level indicator
Kit Options:

• Solenoid Upgrade - Shut off solenoid is used when mounting the injection nozzle lower than the reservoir or the reservoir is rear-mounted to prevent gravity flowing. Or when nozzle is mounted after the throttle plate.