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Unitronic K04 Turbo Upgrade Kit for 2.0 TSI® AVS

Unitronic K04 Turbo Upgrade Kit for 2.0 TSI® AVS

$ 2,999.99

Unitronic’s K04 Upgrade Kit utilizes a genuine Borg Warner K04 turbocharger, originally intended for use on various European models with a transversely mounted engine. Setting itself apart from the competition and bringing additional value to Users, Unitronic has retooled the turbocharger’s compressor and exhaust housings to ensure a perfect fitment with Audi’s longitudinally mounted 2.0 TSI AVS platform, negating the need to include a specific downpipe/test pipe for use.

Unitronic precisely recalibrated the ECU to optimize performance with its K04 Upgrade Kit and supporting hardware upgrades boasting an output of 335 HP / 300 TQ using 93 octane. Using a MAHA LPS3000 Dynamometer, Unitronic achieved 335 HP / 297 TQ (SAE J1349 correction factor) on its in-house B8 Audi A5 equipped with Unitronic’s complete Performance Hardware offering and corresponding Stage 2+ Performance Software for the 2.0 TSI AVS platform. Unitronic has also deployed specific software calibrations for Clients using the stock clutch featuring torque management strategies to increase the life of the stock unit.

Deliver the power while maintaining your 2.0 TSI's AVS OEM appearance now!

Unitronic Stage 2+ Performance Software (Specially Designed for Unitronic K04 Kit)
Unitronic modified OEM Borg Warner K04-0064 Turbocharger
Unitronic Compressor Outlet Silicone Hose
Unitronic Compressor Inlet Silicone Hose with DV Reroute
Unitronic CNC Aluminum Diverter Valve Relocation Adapter
Unitronic CNC Compressor Outlet Coupler
Unitronic CNC Aluminum PCV Port adapter
Unitronic Hardware Kit (Includes all gaskets & hardware for install) for 2.0 TSI AVS