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Walbro 255LPH Inline Fuel Pump with install kit

Walbro 255LPH Inline Fuel Pump with install kit

$ 139.00 

This pump is ideal for high HP street/race applications. Add this in-line to work in conjunction with your stock or Walbro in-tank pump.

This pump is capable of supporting over 500CHP with the proper lines, injectors, and fuel rail. Can be used with an in-tank pump, or by itself.

This pump includes universal install kit: 5/16" hose barb fittings, mounting clamps, and insulating case.

Free Flow Rate 255lph
Maximum Pressure (psi) 100 psi
Inlet Size 10mm x 1.0
Inlet Quantity One
Inlet Attachment Female threads
Outlet Size 10mm x 1.0
Outlet Quantity One
Outlet Attachment Female threads


NOTE: Walbro pumps are quality tested by the manufacturer before they ship and they do not carry ANY warranty (as per Walbro USA).